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Pregnancy & Chiropractic in Blair

pregnancy & chiro sectionBlair Chiropractic Centre’s own Dr. Becky is different from other chiropractors in that she is certified in the Webster Technique by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, in addition to being full-body ART® certified. The Active Release Techniques® performed by Dr. Becky, is a myofascial technique that allows her to treat the muscular aches and pains that can come during pregnancy, but also provides you with advice on ways to prepare yourself for labor.

It’s important that if need be, you get adjusted by a chiropractor during your pregnancy. As your nervous system controls everything in your body, a chiropractor ensures that the joints in your spine and pelvis are moving correctly in order for your nervous system to be functioning optimally. With your body changing as the baby is growing, your uterus needs optimally functioning nerves going to and from it to help the baby grow and be properly positioned. For the nerves to be working at their best, the spine needs to be working at its best, and Dr. Becky will ensure that.

For more information on pregnancy and chiropractic care, please contact Dr. Becky at 402-426-4443 or drbecky@blairchiropracticcentre.com.


Beyond the various chiropractic services, Blair Chiropractic Centre also has a licensed massage therapist on staff. These massages are available to our patients as well as to those within the community. Typically, massages with the Blair Chiropractic Centre can last from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the extent of the massage.



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