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Active Release Techniques (ART) in Blair

Active Release Techniques logoOur doctors at Blair Chiropractic Centre are certified in using Active Release Techniques®, otherwise known as ART®. These techniques primarily treat soft tissue injuries pertaining to muscles, tendons, blood vessels, muscle fascia, and nerves. The source of these soft tissue ailments can arise from an acute injury, or a repetitive injury that involves constant tension.

Constant injuries happen due to the fact that the muscles are at a constant and incorrect tension all day, eventually leading to the injury. When an acute injury presents itself, resulting in the tearing of soft tissue, the immediate result is inflammation, which brings in the body’s healing products to repair the injury. As a result, the body’s healing products can cause adhesions and therefore begin the cumulative injury cycle.

However, if the injury is left unattended, it can become a continual problem that could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, tennis elbow, bursitis, nerve entrapments, thoracic outlet syndrome and more. But with the help of ART®, these adhesions can be treated in order to ensure proper tissue movement and function and prevent the injury from reappearing in the future.

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