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Our main focus at Blair Chiropractic Centre is improving the mobility and movement of our patients. While it is our focal point to adjust the bones of the body, working on those corresponding muscular imbalances is just as critical. By developing the motion of joints and muscles, our patients can move forward to living a healthy and productive lifestyle. It is our goal at Blair Chiropractic Centre to help our patients get back on their feet to enjoy the activities they love.

Chiropractic treatments are safe for people of all ages. For those infants that are suffering from ear infections, acid reflux, trouble sleeping, or constipation, chiropractic treatments can be beneficial. Patients who are going through their pregnancy, especially with many drugs during which can have negative side effects on the baby, can also benefit from chiropractic care. As for those athletes, whether in middle school, high school or college, chiropractic treatments can assist with both injury prevention and post-injury recovery. For elderly patients, who typically have difficulty moving without pain, chiropractic care can help the bones and muscles move more fluidly in order to reduce the pain from reoccurring during movement.

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